Browser Summary  

The Browser Summary identifies the most popular web browsers used to visit this site.
Browsers are broken down by recognized categories such as Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, WebTV, Opera and the like. Within each category is also a subgroup by version number such as 'MSIE 5.0' or 'Netscape 4.5'.

This report shows the first 15 results by number of requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Browser Summary: Number of requests by Browser Type.

Browser TypeNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.Netscape (compatible)14,171153.829 MB10,682
2.Safari13,052171.880 MB10,991
    Safari/53711,726163.775 MB10,419
    Safari/95376422.596 MB192
    Safari/6024242.684 MB200
    Safari/600721.002 MB56
    Safari/60143263.310 KB20
    Safari/60442196.488 KB14
    Safari/60339543.793 KB35
    Safari/53827460.596 KB27
    Safari/53423238.247 KB17
    Safari/7534527.389 KB2
    Safari/533453.849 KB4
    Safari/522139.644 KB1
    Safari/531112.845 KB1
    Safari/525112.845 KB1
    Safari/53612.120 KB1
    Safari/419115.279 KB1
3.Firefox6,31387.289 MB5,881
    Firefox/31,78424.293 MB1,784
    Firefox/521,10415.813 MB1,073
    Firefox/5384112.353 MB816
    Firefox/434138.432 MB413
    Firefox/324083.975 MB376
    Firefox/503404.791 MB317
    Firefox/442736.194 MB273
    Firefox/411571.874 MB156
    Firefox/511452.119 MB129
    Firefox/471341.818 MB134
    Firefox/451332.213 MB129
    Firefox/613146.868 KB1
    Firefox/48109922.833 KB71
    Firefox/5473327.998 KB25
    Firefox/4049498.851 KB49
    Firefox/3529158.713 KB11
    Firefox/2026156.859 KB26
    Firefox/572192.920 KB5
    Firefox/5520131.537 KB10
    Firefox/2216152.799 KB15
4.MSIE2,14428.441 MB2,090
    MSIE/61,26518.761 MB1,261
    MSIE/74323.977 MB432
    MSIE/93654.845 MB333
    MSIE/1037256.326 KB20
    MSIE/832455.192 KB31
    MSIE/513167.474 KB13
5.Mozilla1,1365.236 MB402
    Mozilla/0218.771 KB2
    Mozilla/1225.689 KB2
6.Opera209540.494 KB209
    Opera/9205458.808 KB205
    Opera/8255.874 KB2
    Opera/12225.813 KB2
7.CCBot2022.311 MB174
    CCBot/22022.311 MB174
8.Googlebot1802.258 MB180
    Googlebot/21802.258 MB180
9.sqlmap95156.149 KB95
    sqlmap/195156.149 KB95
10.panscient.com89389.526 KB50
11.Googlebot-Image61144.198 KB2
    Googlebot-Image/161144.198 KB2
12.ltx71 - (http:57142.640 KB11
    ltx71 - (http://ltx7157142.640 KB11
13.Wotbox37441.332 KB34
    Wotbox/237441.332 KB34
14.nutch-1.432201.840 KB16
    nutch-1.4/Nutch-132201.840 KB16
15.FreeWebMonitoring SiteChecker23295.429 KB23
    FreeWebMonitoring SiteChecker/023295.429 KB23
 [not listed: 50]2442.454 MB195

This report was generated on March 13, 2018 00:56.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 20:31 to December 31, 2017 18:05.

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